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10 Reasons Why You Should Partner With Us:

✔️Great and affordable products delivered to your patients door
✔️Free delivery to your patients doors
✔️Patients can save money on every-day essential dental products
✔️No upront cost to partner with us
✔️No membership fee
✔️High earnings potential
✔️Another stream of income
✔️No need to hold inventory
✔️Products were selected and approved by dentists
✔️FDA and Health Canada approved products

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why will your subscription box service be useful (i.e can't patients just go to the store to buy the products when they need them)? 
A: The reason why our subscription box will be amazing is because we will save your patients time, thought, energy and money. They will never have to go out of their way to get their essential every-day dental products again. They will instead save their time and energy on more imortant things like family, friends or work because our products will arrive at their door on a recurring basis. Additionally, we can also save them up to $30 a year on dental products. Some of our subscription boxes will cost less than what it would cost for your patients to go to the store and buy the products. Not only will we save them time (by delivering our products to their door for free), but we can also save them money too!

Q: Why are your dental cosmetic products superior to others in the market? 
A: For instance, our Gel Refills provide 9mL of carbamide peroxide based whitening gel. Competitors offer their products for the same price as us yet provide roughly half the volume that we do. We provide high quality cosmetic dental products for a very low cost.  
Q: Which products are FDA and Health Canada approved?
A: All of our cosmetic products (Teeth Whitening Kit, Gel Refills and Teeth Whiteneing Pen) are approved by the FDA. Health Canada does not consider cosmetic dental products as medical devices thus Health Canada does not require nor request approval of our cosmetic dental products. Our Subscription Box contains medical devices. The products inside our subscription box will be from the companies Oral-B® and Crest®. As you probably know, they are two of the largest and most reputable brands that sell every-day essential dental products. 

Q: How will I keep track of the money that I should be paid?
A: We will provide you with an affiliate link that will track and monitor the sales that are generated from your patients. 

Q: What will be the payment structure?
A: The payment structure will vary. Please contact us to get more information. 

Q: How secure is your platform?
A: We take security extremily important. That is why we chose Shopify to be our host. Shopify is one of the most, if not the most reputable e-commerce host available. Shopify has Stripe integrated in its platform for payment processing. Stripe is estimated to handle $50 billion in transactions every year. We have chosen Shopify and Stripe as our trusted partners to ensure the safety and secruity of our customers. 

Q: Won't this be a conflict of interest (thus unethical)?
A: This is a conflict of interest, however, we ensure that our partnership will be exceptionally ethical. The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) has provided criteria on how to make our partnership ethical. Patients must be made aware of our partnership. To make them aware, you or your staff must inform your patients of our partnership. If your patients proceed to purchase our products, there will be a "Terms and Conditions" box that they must check off to complete the purchase. In the "Terms and Conditions" section, there will be a term stating the presence of our partnership. All of the necessary measures that are taken will ensure that exceptional ethics are maintained by your practice and our company. 
RCDSO Guidlines: