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Frequently asked questions

How many minutes should the treatment be?

Each treatment should last 30 minutes. Treat yourself at home for 6 days (total 3 hours). If you feel sensitivity, stop the treatment and remove the whitening gel immedeately.

How many shades lighter will my teeth be?

Roughly 2 shades. However, this depends on the person, the length of total treatment time and environmental factors (i.e coffee consumption). 

How long does shipping take in Canada?

Shipping takes anywhere between 3-7 days. 

What is carbamide peroxide and is it safe?

Carbamide peroxide is the traditional whitening agent used in many dental offices across North America. Carbamide peroxide is safe so long as you use it according to our guidelines. If you are still unsure whether our product is right for you, ask your doctor prior to using it. 

Will it make my teeth sensitive?

Our whitening treatments should not make your teeth sensitive if you use it accroding to our guidelines. If you feel slight sensitivity, stop the treatment and remove the whitening gel immedeately. Slight sensitivity should subside relatively quickly. In the unlikely case you experience long-lasting pain, stop the treatment, remove the whitening gel and inform your doctor immedeately. 

How long do results last?

Hard to answer this question as environmental factors make all the difference. Results are dependent on your diet. The less you consume agents that stain your teeth (i.e coffee and pop) , the better  it will be for the longevity of your results.