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Return policy

Returns and Refunds

To protect you and ensure that all returns and exchanges are handled fairly, Helios Smiles may reimburse you in the following case:

  • The item arrived in inferior quality (email photo evidence is required). 

If the returned items do not qualify for a refund or return and we wish to have these returned to you, we may request that you cover the delivery cost. Please visit our Returns Policy page.

It may take a number of months to completely rid your teeth of tough stains. Helios Smiles will offer no refund for Teeth Whitening Kit purchases unless the product is in inferior quality. 

If you have received the wrong products, or any item is damaged, please contact us within 30 days from the receipt of the goods. A full detailed description of the problem or damage, photos of the products received or damages as well as your name, contact number or email and order number. This will help us determine how best to resolve your problem. However if the wrong product or wrong quantity of product(s) are recieved by the customer, the customer will not qualify for a return or refund. 

If you qualify for a return you will also receive full refund, exclusive of return postage. The customer is responsible for change-of-mind purchases and are non-refundable.

If you consider that an item is defective and you are entitled to a replacement or a refund, you must first email with full description of the problem.

You will be required to provide us with a video demonstrating that the product is in inferior quality (along with photos), within 30 days of your receipt and a partial or full refund will be provided only if Canada Post approves a reimbursement.

Refunds will not occur unless product(s) in inferior quality is/are received by the customer. Helios Smiles is not responsible for damages that occur from shipping and delivery by the courier, thus Helios Smiles will not be responsible for a refund. If the item is defective due to courier mishandelments, Helios Smiles will not assume any liability. If Helios Smiles products do not work as desired, Helios Smiles will not refund your purchase. There is no guarentee to any teeth whitening results.

Subject to the below paragraph, Helios Smiles will offer a refund for products/items in inferior quality only if the products/items in inferior quality are returned to us and unused. We will review your claim as soon as we can and, if Helios Smiles is satisfied that your products/items in inferior quality once returned (with compelling photo and video evidence), we will provide you with a refund for the product.